About the Journal

Forum. Supplement to Acta Philosophica is an annual online journal promoted by the School of Philosophy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

The Journal, peer reviewed, publishes scientific contributions from the academic and research activities carried out by the Faculty, and essays introducing, analyzing and commenting on classics and important philosophical works.

The name of the journal was chosen to express a guiding idea: philosophy consists, today as always, in discourses (logoi) around issues of universal interest. The study of philosophy serves precisely to discover what they are and to submit them again to the forum of shared reflection.

Forum has been classified by ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research), among the recognized scientific journals in the field of Historical sciences, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences (Area 11).

All Forum articles are Open Access.

Publication policy 

The journal considers the publication of contributions coming from the scientific activities promoted within the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, mainly by the Faculty of Philosophy, but also by other Faculties, Institutes or Departments of the University, taking into account the philosophical, but also interdisciplinary relevance of their content.

Forum also welcomes contributions freely proposed by the authors, for the section Itinerari. This section publishes contributions that offer reading paths or thematic paths, having as object texts particularly significant in the history of philosophy. Will be evaluated, in addition to the originality of the contribution, both the ability to provide a solid historical reconstruction of the contexts of origin and meaning, and a theoretical thematization of the structures of the texts analyzed.