Three philosophical ideas of reference in vocational training: orientation towards the good, inner intention and contribution to the common good


  • Katarzyna Szymala Consejera en el ámbito de la educación diferenciada en el Colegio Strumienie, Stowarzyszenie STERNIK, Józefów, Polonia



We live in very agile times, in an "instant" culture and in a very fragmented society in terms of the values ​​that are shared. In this framework, it is necessary to know how to show man the role of philosophy, which can help him find something that unites all of his actions, and thus makes it easier for him to “rebuild” from within. That is to say: to rediscover the beauty of doing good, of becoming good and of contributing to a greater good. Therefore, the text places vocational training within a broader framework of life. It starts from the premise that a good professional is above all a person in a specific situation, with specific obligations. The common thread is about three philosophical ideas: the convenience of looking for an “interior” order, aimed at the good of each thing; the need to take responsibility for one's own actions linked to the notion of inner intentionality. And finally, the convenience of setting professional goals whose results may not be immediate, but will make it possible to achieve the common good.





The role of philosophy in professional training