The psychological and spiritual dynamics of conversion: Between awareness and divine grace


  • Wenceslao Vial Pontificia Università della Santa Croce



There is a coherent order throughout the universe. Precise rules are discovered from stars to planets, from the movement of the oceans to volcanic activity, from the habits of animals to the growth of leaves on trees... There are also rules in the mental processes of the human being. Our thoughts, memory, the emotional world, emotional reactions, personality growth factors and even mental disorders, present themselves with a great similarity in different cultures. Unlike other animated beings, women and men can escape the influence of the usual mechanisms: they can, that is, act freely, good or bad. This article aims to emphasize the role of coherence of psychological and spiritual dynamics for the harmony of the personality, which goes beyond simple balance. Knowledge of the natural law is an additional sign of God's mercy. Acting consistently in all areas of our existence, in the family, in university scientific research, in prayer, in helping the most needy is the key to building peace. personal and humanity, and to prevent mental illness. The conversion process, like maturity, pushes us to come out of ourselves. The classical concepts of virtue and the notion of unity of life will give particular light to the question.





Forgiveness and conversion