The forgiveness of Jesus on the cross (Lk 23: 26-56): theological aspects


  • Giuseppe De Virgilio Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Roma



The article analyzes the theme of “forgiveness” in the account of Lk 23: 26-56, focusing on the soteriological and universalistic peculiarity of the Lucan message. After having presented the literary and theological coordinates of the Christology of the Third Gospel, the study offers a detailed analysis of the passage of Lk 23,26-56, divided into five units (vv. 26-32; 33-38; 39-43; 44-49; 50-56). From the analysis emerges the singularity and at the same time the relevance of the Lucan theological orientation. The final perspectives can be summarized in five aspects: a) Lucanian Christology highlights the solidarity of Jesus with humanity; b) the “walking” of Jesus (and of the community) expresses the missionary dynamism of the Gospel; c) in the Paschal Mystery of Christ, God reveals his gratuitous forgiveness and gives universal salvation; d) each man is called to commit himself to a journey of conversion as a “response” to God; e) Lucan theology is characterized by the “presence” connotation of the history of salvation.





Forgiveness and conversion