Between existential anguish and the search for the divine: can one live without believing?


  • Pietro Grassi Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose all'Apollinare



There is a serious crisis of belief today, which brings out a greater one: that of the loss of trust. Believing is not thinking, living and reifying the faith in one thing among things, but an interpersonal historical event that involves the entire affectivity. What does the etymological meaning of “creed”, “belief”, “fides”, etc. refer to? In this essay we want to propose a path where coherence is no longer thematic, but existential. Living without believing is not possible. Believing is an indispensable aspect of human life and is based on a relationship of trust: it is only thanks to otherness that a person's identity is built and this work that begins, with deep psycho-affective dynamisms, from an early age, is what allows you to host in yourself a space for the other, an indispensable condition for life and interpersonal existence.





Forgiveness and conversion