Il ruolo della religione e della filosofia nella comprensione del kerygma apostolico. Riflessioni teologico-fondamentali a partire dalla Fides et ratio


  • Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti Facoltà di Teologia e Scuola Internazionale Superiore per la Ricerca Interdisciplinare (SISRI), Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Roma



Revelation, philosophy, religion, circolarity, kerygma, preambles of faith, Fides et ratio


At a careful reading, the encyclical Fides et ratio manifests the existence of a circularity between Revelation, philosophy and religion. The way in which this circularity operates and the possibility of proposing it in contemporary fundamental theology are examined in the light of the delicate relations between religion and Revelation, between Revelation and philosophy, which we inherited from the twentieth century. Inspired by Fides et ratio n. 36, we show the need for the theological discourse on God and the proclamation of the Gospel to be compared with the discourse on God realized by philosophy and with the experience of God of the religious sense. In particular, we support the thesis that philosophy and religion represent also today the areas capable of conferring intelligibility to the preaching of the apostolic kerygma, in its four main segments, as already done by the Fathers of the Church. However, it is necessary to restore reason so that, in the contemporary cultural climate, it can become again capax fidei.





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