What nature for the foundation of morality?


  • María Soledad Paladino Pontificia Università della Santa Croce




transhumanism, utilitarianism, human nature, natural law, practical reason


In the context of the crucial presence of new technologies which open horizons on the possibilities of procedures applied to man calling for a serious ethical reflection, the Transhumanist proposal is presented as an interlocutor of special importance.

The objective that we want to propose is to highlight the underlying concept of human nature in the transhumanist movement and which is closely related to the ethical model that justifies the different applications of the said practice. We shall be focusing our analysis on The Transhumanist FAQ and on some of Nick Bostrom’s writings.

As an attempt at a critical reading of the said position, we present the concept of human nature underlain in virtue ethics in which corporeality and reason converge harmoniously in the determination of the moral good. Counterposing Transhumanist rationalism with practical rationality which emerges from a teleological understanding of nature, and which requires corporeality for its normative role, will shed some light on the understanding of how morality can be grounded in human nature. In our view, the way to approach the ethical problems posed by Transhumanism requires the recovery of practical reason in the context of the substantial unity of human nature. This perspective opens up promising paths for the building of a true humanism.





Human nature, soul and body. Convergence of perspectives