How Does One Learn to Think? Reflections and Experiences on Intelligence Education


  • Alessandra Modugno Università di Genova



learning, mind, relationship, teaching methods, Learning, Mind, Relationship, Teaching Methods


The essay aims to highlight the questions inside thinking’s learning-teaching issue. Very delicate and crucial themes are involved in this matter, such as mind’s nature and human ontological status, that are often omitted because respect with these there are not positions endorsed. However, exactly the requests provided from digitization and neuroscientific knowledge not only force to reflect on the best way to teaching how to think, but also require above all to ask oneself what does thinking means and what are the human thinking’s traits. On the basis of answers consistent with an anthropological framework based on experience and reality, can be identified methods of teaching communication able to foster mind’s learning according to human person truth.





Cultivating the Good of Intelligence. From Epistemology to Education