The philosophizing, the activity of the logos that become the habit of man educated in the paideia


  • Valeria Ascheri Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Roma



“Knowing how to philosophize” does not seem a teachable discipline, like others of a more technical or practical kind, but rather an attitude that becomes a habitus of the person, part of his choices and ways of living, to the point of leading a contemplative life (bíos theoretikós ). In fact, philosophy cannot be reduced to the history of philosophy or its themes, as it is treated for didactic purposes in high school teaching or philosophy courses, nor can it count on its own method, on the basis of which it can be implemented and developed. correctly; rather it manifests itself as a spontaneous need of man who seeks the truth, the deeper meaning of life and its events. It is proper to man, educated in paideia and endowed with logos, to philosophize, which allows him to fully realize his highest abilities and thus to live in the happiest condition, as Aristotle states in the Protreptico.